Course Course Description Department Curriculum Course Notes Course Status
College Algebra 101 Algebra 101 (CA101) is a first-level course in the fullfillment of the mathematics requirement for students. The course will focus on study of functions, using basic function families, equations, rationals, exponentials and logarithmics. Mathematics Pencil, Paper, Calculator, Algebra Book, Abicus, All students must take this class or test out of this class to satisfy graduation requirements Active Details
American History 102 American History 102 (AH102) is a second level course in the fullfillment of the social studies requirement of students. It focuses on the entire history of the United States of America from Native Americans, Pilgrim Settlers, Westward Expansion, Revolutionary War, Inpendence, Civil War and more. Social Studies Textbook, Pencil, Note Paper Students must first complete Am. History 101 to enroll in this course Inactive Details
Physics 101 Physics 101 (PH101) is an introductory physics course for non-science majors. This course focuses on basic physics concepts and connections to everyday life. Science Textbook, Paper, Pen, Pencil [-Not Provided-] Active Details
Common Sense 102 Common Sense 102 (CS102) is a second tier course that ALL STUDENTS must pass in order to graduate because a college degree is pointless if you have no common sense. Yes, We're SERIOUS Life [-Not Provided-] All students must first successfully pass Common Sense 101 before enrolling in 102. Students that fail this class will be denied their degree and expelled from school Active Details
Budget 101 Budget 101 (BG101) teaches student the basic concepts of building and following a budget of their personal finances. This class will cover the basics of check book balancing, living within your means, spending less than you make not more, and paying bills on time to avoid debt and collections Life Checkbook, calculator, pen, paper This course is a core requirement for all students Active Details
Nutrition 102 Nurtrition 102 (NU102) is a second tier class that covers human health as it relates to food and eating habits. Science Textbook Student must first complete Nutrition 101 to be eligible for this course Active Details
Candy and Dessert Making 101 Candy and Dessert Making 101 (CD101) is a first tier class for those majoring in Baking and Baked Goods Food Apron, Pot Holders, Textbook [-Not Provided-] Active Details
Sand Castle Construction 102 Sand Castle Construction 102 (SC102) is the second tier course that covers advanced construction methods and processes of sand castle construction. Leisure [-Not Provided-] Must complete Sand Castle Construction 101 to enroll in this course Active Details
Useless Information 101 Useless Information 101 (UI101) is a first level class that covers any and all topics that absolutely do not matter to anyone but that everyone should knoW Social Studies [-Not Provided-] This class is open to all students but enrollment priority is given to the Universities football players over regular students Details
Lawsuit History 102 Lawsuit History 102 (LH102) is a second level class in the study of lawsuit history. This class is probably really boring too,. Law [-Not Provided-] [-Not Provided-] In Development Details